About us

Is a Leadership Development Program of Link International Ministries, Canada.

The effective management of the Church and community in Africa is the focus of the Advanced Community Education Services (ACES), Canada. The principle of servant-leader that Jesus Christ taught and modelled in the Gospel of John Chapter 13 is precariously missing through ‘legitimate’ ignorance. The early or the later Christian believers in the African Church missed it somewhere along the pilgrims’ journey. To assist the Church recapture, reintegrate, teach and model servant leadership in the present forward thrust in Nigeria and Africa is the raison d’être of the ACES initiative.

Over the last six years, we have built a network of professionals from the church, community, and academia, expanding our student community to diverse nationalities in Africa.


Professional Instruction

ACES, Canada resource persons are experienced professionals whose qualifications and practical administrative knowledge enhance the learning experience of our students.

Relevant Career Training Program

ACES, Canada maintains close relationships through our contextualized research with the Church, the tertiary institutions, public and private agencies, businesses, and urban and rural communities to ensure that our curriculum is in sync with the marketplace demands.

Campus Locations

In Nigeria, we have our main campus in Umuahia city, the capital of Abia State, and presently have two off-campus sites in Lagos and Delta States.


Student-Focused Environment

Every ACES Canada staff member is committed to our student’s success. From administration and resource persons, we endeavour to create a welcoming and supportive environment that facilitates learning and encourages success. Learning for Success

Our programs run on a modular basis so students can learn with a relaxed mind. We have a maximum of nine months of tri-semester or nine weekends to complete the seven (7) core courses, three (3) electives and a Leadership Project.

The program is also packaged in such a way that we can bring intensive three (3) weeks of administrative management training into the workplace or onsite campus. We tailor the training to meet the needs of our students

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